Less of a lesson, more of a journal.

I started my morning at 330am at my significant other’s house. I think I originally went to bed around maybe 2 or 3 pm yesterday, but I can’t say for sure. I finally got the motivation to leave bed a little past 4 am. Mainly because I was hungry… Really hungry.  Typically the only two reasons I ever get out of bed when I don’t have to is either I’m hungry/thirsty or I have to pee. More so than not, it’s both. No joke.

I went to the bathroom and then decided to graze a bit. I had a small/ medium sized portion of left over spiral ham and a protein shake. I made a mug of green tea and made it to the couch. I’m still trying to wake up at this point without waking up my SO.

Pretty much the only thing to do at this point is dilly dally on the internet. I live in Pinterest. I am a very visual person. I enjoy looking at things and collecting pictures. Pinterest is basically a video game for women, in my opinion. Which works in my favor.

I spend my time this morning looking at pictures of famous female athletes. Mainly body builders and muscular bikini competitors.  How I wish I could look like that. Sifting through some of the athlete’s blogs, I browse through a few photos to remind myself how many years of training such an appearance takes. Part of me is a bit sad that it’s not an over night thing. The other part is totally happy because it is a sign that my hard work will eventually pay off.

I see a personal trainer twice a week. So far it is only two half hour sessions. Typically Monday and Friday mornings. These are my favorite half hours of the week. I love to exercise but I have a hard time either motivating myself or when I’m motivated, I have a hard time pushing past what I think is my limits. Having a trainer helps with accountability as well as pushes me farther than I really want to go.

I love to lift. I love to walk. I have to be in a special mood for running or jogging. I am not the best at it. When I do go for a run or a jog I prefer to be outside. I run like a total spaz on a treadmill. If there are no guard rails, I’ll probably fall off. I haven’t gone on a run since I moved to my place at the end of May. I’ve wanted to, but I get scared. I don’t know the area and I don’t know the people. I have trouble feeling safe. Mainly because when I am awake it is at night and anything is possible when you’re a lady alone at night.

I’ve thought about going the concealed carry route. In my state it is legal. Honestly, I am all for it. I don’t own a gun myself, nor have a used anything beyond a rifle. I hardly count that, though. I think I was 14 at the time. My adopted Dad pretty much idiot proof baby coached me during the whole experience.

My current SO is quite the enthusiast. He wants to take me out shooting. He’s been telling me that for over a year now. Is it weird that I would be more comfortable learning from a female? I hate learning certain things from men because I feel about 2 centimeters tall when I do. Also, learning things from my SO is pretty much Hell. Bless his heart, but he’s one of those straight to the point type people that can make you feel like an idiot in a second. Therefore, I would rather not.

I’m waking up a bit more at this point. My hope is to do 3-4 miles on the treadmill. Power walking. I like that. I’m trying to decide if I should start now or wait til my SO wakes up. The treadmill is fairly close to his sleeping quarters. We’ll have to see how deeply asleep he is.

Usually the first quarter mile on the treadmill isn’t too loud. My best friend is a ferret and he is my treadmill buddy in the morning. Honestly, the best part of the whole ordeal is having Sam the ferret work out with me. He loves the treadmill. He usually walks a quarter mile with me when the tread is set to 1.5 miles per hour. His personal best is 2 miles per hour, but it is pretty short lived when he does that.

I’m going to go and see what the day brings.

Best Wishes,

Omniasam treadmill

Sam working on his summer bod. Never too late to start.


Follow up:


I did end up doing three miles on the treadmill. Sam did end up being my fitness pal. At the end of my walk the tread read 3.68 miles. I don’t really count the .68 because Sam and I were goofing around.

After a shower, I began to feel the pangs of hunger. ‘Mehhh. I exercised, my body needs to refuel.’ I think to myself. I microwave some left over holiday turkey and while that is heating, I pull out two pepper jack cheese sticks. Now, I’m not sure if you’re like me, but I’m the type of girl who will snack while actual food is cooking. It’s almost like a pre-game show. Being a Wisconsin girl, cheese is my weakness. I finished my turkey and cheese meal with 2 pretzel buns and some coffee.

Thankfully, It turned out to just be a regular lunch and not a binge. I could feel my mouth lusting for more. I refrained. For that I’m proud… Small victories. Small victories.

I never thought I would get to the point where eating a regular meal and nothing else would be an accomplishment. It’s kind of depressing… and by kind of, I mean it really is depressing.


Made a protein shake with almond milk. Refused to go into work early tomorrow. Now laying in bed with my ferret daughter, Morgan…. And a giant stuffed Pikachu… Because I’m a grown up.


MBG article on the benefits of working out in the cold.


2 pepper jack cheese sticks and some mixed nuts…. Haha.. I said cheese sticks. 3 pieces of licorice.

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