Good Morning, Readers.

Woke up at midnight to a New Year’s kiss from my SO. Not a bad way to start my day.. Or year for that matter. Laid in bed and enjoyed a cuddle for a bit. We both had to scrunch in tight because the weasels were hogging the other side of the bed. A true family moment, us four piled on a queen size bed.

I slept well. No complaints there. I did wake up a few times, but whatever. Pee, drink, sleep… Exist.

I finally got the motivation to get up around 1215am or so. I started with a protein shake … and a few Chinese omelet flavoured potato chips (Hey. Omelets are breakfast, right?).

After that I warmed myself some green tea. Sam woke up and we played tag for a while. Quietly, of course. Chasing each other quietly in a dim lit area can be a challenge. We did it, though.

After we both got winded we took a break. Sam crawled into the inside of the couch and I sat on top with my computer.

Lately, the angst of loneliness has been getting at me. I’ve been feeling cooped up and solitary. Yes, I do see my SO, but we are not the most active couple. It also doesn’t help that he is a day walker and I am not. We make it work, though. Pretty well, in my opinion.

That’s not the point. I’ve been looking around online for either a work out buddy or some sort of mental and physical stimulation that is affordable. I’m a perpetually poor person. I don’t make a whole lot of cheddar and what I do make pretty much goes to bills and my personal trainer. I live alone so I don’t share bills with my SO. He does feed me and put gas in my car when I need it. That’s more than a girl could really ask for in a man. He is also an amazing father to our fur babies, which is more important to me. Coming from a food addict, that means a lot.

I found a local shop in the main part of down town. It’s not too far from me. It could even be in walking distance on a nice summer day, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Anyway, the shop is a yoga/fitness clothing boutique store in the front. The back of the store is a large fitness studio room that is rented out to local fitness instructors. These instructors have classes there. SUPER EXCITING. One of the classes is a Zumba class and it takes place three times a week. AWESOME.

I sent an e-mail to the instructor to inquire about prices. She got back to me in about an hour, which is incredible because I e-mailed her at 1am. I hope I didn’t wake her. It is New Year’s so she could have been awake any how.

She let me know that a single class is $7, a five class punch card is $30, and a ten class punch card is $50. Woo! Something I can afford!!!

I’ve never tried Zumba before. I do have a background in dance. I used to do ballroom, hip-hop, African, Latin, and swing dancing when I was in high school. Legit. I went to three different studios a week and had classes five days a week. I loved it so much. There were times I didn’t, but in high school everything can be a pain in the rear.

This is super exciting. Now all I have to do is plan a schedule, save a few dollars, gather my courage and go.

Oh, the excitement. I haven’t been in a group exercise since I moved to this new town.

When I lived in my old town I was a regular at a yoga studio down town. It was my addiction. I would get the monthly unlimited passes and downward dog my heart out.

I live across from a yoga studio now, but it is a bit pricier than I can manage with my current training. I am not willing to give up on my current training. I love my trainer. I love what she can get me to accomplish. I also love that her studio is across the street, one block over. I never have to worry about gas or being late. It’s probably the best thing that has happened to me in this town.

It is now 336am and I am close to getting awake enough to do my 3-4 miles on the treadmill. Sam seems to be getting a bit antsy too. I wish I had the space in my tiny apartment for a treadmill. I love this thing in the morning (and by morning, I mean whenever I wake up to start my day). I watch some YouTube on my tablet (mainly forensic files type things, which I refer to as ‘Murder Porn’) and go. It feels like a lot less effort when I can zone out to a gripping program.

What do my readers like to do, watch, or listen to while exercising? Maybe we can trade ideas. My favourite internet program is called “Good Mythical Morning”. That show makes me laugh like I have never laughed before. Unfortunately for me, the hosts Rhett and Link are taking a bit of a holiday break. They will be returning with a new season on January 11th. I’m glad they are taking a break, every one needs one. I’m just super in love with the show, so it feels like forever.

Here’s the link to GMM.

You won’t regret it.

Best Wishes,


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  1. CommotioCordis says:

    I love podcasts when I run! The Bubble Hour and Sawbones are my favorites. I have heard there is one called the coroner files or something similar that is good but I haven’t checked it out yet!

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