Sometimes my self esteem is dictated by my ability to decorate myself. Sometimes I decorate myself out of sheer boredom.

Well. It appears yesterday never happened. You can tell I work in health care. If it’s not documented, it didn’t happen.

In all seriousness, though. Yesterday was nothing exciting. Finished up my work shift, picked up some hair colour, shampoo and conditioner, went home and played body decoration time.

I haven’t coloured my hair in over a year. Pretty much my entire head is natural, minus the ends… I think. Not entirely sure, it was blended very well.

Any way… I’m a natural brunette. Not super light, not super dark. I picked up a box of ‘Clairol: Natural Instincts’ because it is advertised as a gradual fade demi-permanent colour. I purchased it in a chocolate medium brown shade. I have been contemplating darkening my hair for the season, but I am way too lazy to want to deal with roots and upkeep. I’m under the impression that this will fade in a manner in which that won’t be an issue. We will wait and see. For the moment, I am pleased with the outcome.

After colouring and rinsing/showering, I dried up a bit and got into my jim-jams. Since I had a gift card for Jimmy John’s (My secret obsession), I ordered a sub for delivery…No regrets. With JJ’s, there is no such thing as regrets.

I munched down my sandwich while watching YouTube videos on my Apple TV. Afterwards I continued to watch YouTube while applying sunless tanner. Yep, you read that correctly.

The combination of winter in Wisconsin and working third shift has left me with a corpse like glow. Considering my life is a constant battle of cystic acne, having a pale face is not flattering. Not one bit.

I recently purchased most of the products from the “Jergen’s Natural Glow” line. So

far I haven’t turned into an orange, but we will see. It is marketed as a gradual buildable tan so at the very least I don’t have to question my nationality. Although, I wouldn’t mind looking more Latina.

My main complaint with the product is that since there is no colour guard it can be a bit tricky to be sure of where the product is being applied. The real tricky part is making sure your hands and feet look humanly. I currently look like I have Vitilago on my hands. The rest of me looks okay, so far. I’ve only had it on less than 24 hours. I’m not sure if it will develop more or not.

One last appearance enhancing thing I did was nail polish. I can’t remember the last time I have used nail polish. Primarily for two reasons: one- My SO and I hate the smell… Mainly my SO, but I respect his sinuses. Two- It usually lasts a day. Whether it be because it chipped off or it got messed up because it never truly dries (or so I feel).

I took the plunge and purchased ‘Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel’. I bought it in the colour ‘miss wanderlust’, which is a sparkly type coral-orange (Orange (and coral) is my favourite colour). I also purchased the top coat. I advertises to last a week, but I was skeptical. I was also disappointed. The gel polish chipped off of two fingers in a matter of hours.

Thankfully, the stuff dries fast so I just slapped on some more and it was fine. This time I did not follow the instructions and apply two coats colour and one coat top. This was more for reasons of apathy and lethargy rather than science. To my surprise, a single coat endures far more than the three I originally went with. Is it just a ploy to sell more product? Who knows?

Today has been even less exciting. Haven’t had a whole lot of time for myself to do much. I got out of work at 830am and got home around 915am. I had a severe headache (that still continues on as of the moment) and I could not fall asleep to save my life.

I finally fell asleep at 230pm ish. I was sleeping so well until my alarm destroyed that at 630pm. I lay in bed trying to wake up until 7pm and got ready until 720pm.

I gathered my things and set off to Starbucks (My weakness) for a chestnut praline latte and went to work.

I hope every one had a great day.

Best Wishes,


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