Tired and sore on my day off.

Today has been a loafy day so far. It is 1047am. I have been awake since 630am.

I went to bed yesterday around 3pm. It was quite the sleep. Wow. I really needed it.

Right now, I am at my SO’s house. I came here yesterday after my session with my trainer. That session has left me super sore today.

… I’m trying to remember what we all did.

40 standing rows with 20 pound dumbbells

40 swinging squat things with a 20 pound dumbbell

10 burpees

20 walk out planks ending in a push up and then a jumping jack

20 arm raises? With 20 pound dumbbells

20? Not sure what it is called, but I had a 20 pound (which halfway thru we switched to a 15 because my triceps didn’t want to tricep) dumbbell raised above my head held with both hands, elbows by ears, dipping the dumbbell behind my head and raising it back up. I’m not sure if I am describing that in a way people can understand or not.

I think that was it, minus the five minute treadmill warm up. My sessions are only a half an hour, so it is a lot crammed into a small amount of time.

After that I got into my pre-packed car (all sweaty and nasty) and drove the hour and a half home to my SO.

We hugged and joked around, then I showered, ate a bowl of chicken alfredo (YUM), and went to bed.

Ohhhh lawdy! I woke up several times due to neck pain that I have been experiencing for the past few days. As a matter of fact, I am experiencing it right now. My muscles are tight and sore. Oy!

So far today I’ve just been doing a whole lot of nothing. I started my morning with a protein shake, a bowl of strawberries, and some apple juice (out of a juice box… because I’m a grown up).

I later made myself a taco salad and had a sierra mist. I honestly wasn’t even hungry, so I kind of feel bad about it. I really just wanted the flavour in my mouth. WHY DON’T THEY MAKE TACO FLAVOURED GUM??!!

I’m hoping to do my 3-4 mile power walk on the treadmill at some point. It is mainly just a combination of laziness and soreness that is holding me back at the moment.

I want to start running or jogging on the treadmill at some point. I haven’t yet because I feel embarrassed to exercise in front of my SO. His place is very open concept, so there is no avoiding that.

Deep down, I know I shouldn’t care. I know that he wouldn’t think a dang thing about it. I just don’t like showing my weaknesses to my SO.

Does anybody else have that issue?

Hope every one has a great day,

Best wishes,


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2 Responses to Tired and sore on my day off.

  1. CommotioCordis says:

    Taco flavored gum, EW! Glad you just went with the taco salad! 😉 Yeah I am not a huge fan of doing yoga in front of my SO. I feel like a hippo trying to do ballet. Running on the treadmill I am okay with bc I do it outside so I am used to looking like a red sweaty kid in front of others in that capacity. Workout videos? Forget it! Waaaay to embarrassed! 😛

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