Yesterday I Killed My Workout

Hi Friends!

Nothing too exciting has happened since yesterday. I had my workout with my trainer at 1045am and afterwards I washed up and drove 1.5 hours down to my SO’s house for the night.

My place is way too boring when I’m there alone. To the point where I have no idea what to do with myself so I spend the whole time laying around or bombing myself out on melatonin. I always sleep like crap at my place so driving 1.5 hours to see my SO and my weasels and have a good sleep is worth it.

… But anyway, yesterday I totally killed my workout. It was cardio interval day. The task at hand was treadmill sprints. First set was a minute on and thirty seconds off. We did that until we reached the speed I maxed out at. Starting 6 mph, 6.5 mph, 7 mph, 7.5 mph, 8 mph, 8.5 mph, and finally my breaking point.. 9 mph.

Once we got to 9 mph we continued with the on a minute, off thirty seconds bit. I think we did that four times? Enough to make me feel like my lungs forgot what they were made for and my throat was morphing into fire. You know that feeling. The one where you have to try and pull your brain out of your head to forget what the body is doing so you can keep going.

After that we continued with the pace of 9 mph and then went 45 seconds on and a minute rest. Phew, the thought of an extra thirty seconds dedicated to catching my breath was motivation in itself. I think we did that four more times, but I can’t honestly recall. I did manage to finish strong. I was really proud of myself. My trainer also told me I did super well and that she was super impressed.

I believe her. She isn’t the type to fluff you up without earning it. That is a quality I genuinely appreciate.

Just by that treadmill work out, I can tell I am doing so much better. If I would have attempted to do that workout when I first started training, I would have puked on the floor. Believe me, even to this day there are workouts that leave me questioning if the contents of my stomach will stay in tact. Thankfully, I have yet to experience an actual spill.

As for my day today… It’s 620am. I’ll dilly around for a few hours, maybe treadmill walk a bit (undecided as of the moment… It’s less the exercise and more of the ‘I’m too lazy to shower afterwards’ feeling), sleep, and eventually drive 2 hours to get to work. I work at 10pm tonight. I work the rest of the weekend and then I have training once again on Monday morning.

Hope everybody has a great day,

Best Wishes,


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