So many setbacks, so little time.

It has been a very defeating past few days. I’m currently writing this with a migraine. I’ve had this migraine since 11am yesterday morning. I feel like there is no letting up. It is getting frustrating because I have so many things I need to do and it hurts to exist. I spent all of yesterday in bed waiting for this pain to pass, but now I am losing patience.

The past weekend was my cluster crap weekend of 35 hours of work crammed into three days. We’ve had a few injuries and even less communication which has left staffing a bit wonky. It is pretty frustrating.

I have a possible next job. I just have to research what it is and call the owners to see what’s up. My trainer is an acquaintance of the owner of some at home care type business and put in a good word for me. The way she described it is, if I want it, I pretty much got it. I just have to find out what ‘it’ is. I have the number on my cork board at home. I’ll have to do a check up of it when I am home next.

My ability to think strait is getting thinner by the second.

I have class later on today and I have to prepare and record an intake session for a fictitious client and then I need to come up with a diagnosis, a treatment plan, and i’m not sure what else.

When I was told about the assignment I decided it would be a cakewalk and stopped thinking about it until yesterday. I was in no condition to do anything yesterday, so I will have to write a initial screening and an intake questionnaire for this session pretty quick here. This interview is meant to last 20 mins, so at least it will be an abridged version of a standard intake interview.

After that class I am headed home to work on some discussions for another class and then I need to start working on a paper due Wednesday, a minute before midnight.

I finally got my last paper graded yesterday. I feel defeated. I got an 89% and I have never done so poorly on a paper in college so far. It would typically light a fire under my arse, but as of now it just makes me angry.

On the list of yesterday’s disappointments (outside of work), my gym training session was the worst I have ever had. I had to get saved from my squats on 4 occasions yesterday! I have never needed to be saved from the squat rack ever before. FOUR TIMES! I maxed out at 105 pounds and then it went downhill from there. I ended at a measly 85 pounds. I feel like I’m trying to lift Fisher Price weights and I can’t do it.

So of course, my goal is to step up my game. On everything… Some how. I just need to calm this headache and get on with it. Somedays it can be harder than others. Oy. Send good vibes this way, my dears. I could definitely use them.

Much love,


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