BAM! My headache is gone and I made a comeback!

Hey everyone! Happy to be on the opposite side of the spectrum than last time. Yesterday’s intake assessment went super well. I applied the MAST as a basic screening tool and then used WI DHS 75 UPC to get a feel for an intake questionnaire. The intake session went super smooth. We accidentally turned a session that was meant to be 20 minutes into about 40 some minutes. Whoops. What can I say? It was comprehensive! So yay for that.

A few minutes ago I finished my paper that is due tonight. Such a relief! I’ll be able to try and take a nap here pretty quick in hopes of being refreshed for work tonight. (I totally snuck an hour and a half nap prior to writing my paper. It’s totally for the benefit of the paper though. Totally. I mean, you can’t write gold without a clear rested mind, right?)

Earlier today I finally got around to working on my resume and I submitted it to two places. One was the home care job my trainer told me about and the other was for a residential pet care company in the Milwaukee area. I am hoping at some point to move closer to the Milwaukee area. It would be a good start if I could land that job. Plus I would get to work with animals… SQUEE! So send some good vibes, do some voodoo, bless some herbs, or do whatever you feel is worthy of putting good energy into the cosmos for that to happen. I would greatly appreciate it!

Best Wishes,


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One Response to BAM! My headache is gone and I made a comeback!

  1. CommotioCordis says:

    Yay!!! So glad to hear things are going well, on the job front, the school front, and on the life front. Plenty of love and good juju your way! Eager to know what good things lie in store for you soon!


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