Improvements are happening. A little at a time.

I’m sincerely hoping that my series of setbacks has finally came to a halt. My car is in the midst of repair (thanks to my SO). This week I’ve gotten to cruise around in his giant off roading Chevy truck. It is a heck of a difference from driving an Audi A4. Although, I do have to admit, I feel super sexy driving his truck. I get quite the ‘friendly eyes’ from the other men folk on the road and I like it. Ha ha. Small joys. However, I will be more than happy to get my car back. Even though my car takes the snooty premium gas, it is still cheaper than getting 9 miles per gallon in the monster machine.

Having the Monster Machine this week was a bit of motivation to get out and walk more. The other day I walked 3.5 miles to the Biolife Plasma Center and 3.5 miles back. That felt pretty amazing. Of course I set out around 530am before the heat kicked in. We might have had a different conversation, had I waited longer.

I did start my 5 day trial box of Nutrisystem the other day. I did end up having a pretty major set back due to FedEx constantly messing up my delivery for more chow. I’ve been waiting a week. So far they have screwed up 3 times. Either saying my address doesnt exist or the building was closed or customer not available. I’ve seriously been sitting in my living room each day waiting. I’m hungry. That’s a month’s worth of food i’m waiting on. RAWR.

The other day I finished my first week of the “Couch to 5k” app I downloaded. Yayyy. I’m not much of a runner at the moment, but I am hoping to change that. The app is an 8 week training plan 3x a week. So far I have been going out for my runs at 230am. This seems to be the perfect time because it is after bar close (so all the hoot n holler folk are gone), There are more cops patrolling because they are on the lookout for DUIs (More cops around makes me feel safer in the dark), It is still dark (FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DONT LOOK AT ME WHEN I RUN. IM SELF CONSCIOUS AF), I’m trying to keep on my third shift sleep pattern (days off always screw this up), and it is the perfect temperature.

I can’t wait til June starts and I get to see my personal trainer 3x a week instead of the normal 2. I’m so excited semester is over so I can finally put all my focus on me! Self Improvement Summer! It’s gonna be great and you guys will be along for the ride with my updates, rants, tears, fears, and joys. As always.

Hope everyone is doing well


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