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Illness, allergies, parking lot assault, and dietary failures.

This week has been a bit rough. I’m at a loss trying to figure out where to begin. Since I am a care giver, every now and again I tend to catch a bug from one of my clients. Beginning … Continue reading

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Happy June, Everyone!

Still training hard. Today was my third day in a row with my trainer and I did super well. My burpees were on point and I didn’t choke out, which is a first. I weighed myself this morning. The scale … Continue reading

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Working on a comeback.

Day 4 of Nutrisystem went well. I haven’t deviated from the diet, which I am proud of seeing as I typically eat everything in sight. I’m finally reaching the point where I may actually have a set sleeping pattern in … Continue reading

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Oh, migraine season. Thankfully my head is only bursting at the seams instead of my usual full blown ‘wear sunglasses in the house and try not to puke on myself’ kind of migraine. Summer does this to me. All the … Continue reading

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The combination of work stress, high hopes, rejection, tiredness, and all around self loathing is too much to bear. Now to figure out what to do about it.

Hey everyone! It feels like it has been forever. I’ve been an awful concoction of busy and too painfully depressed to want to exist in humanity. I’ve been stressed about my current job. Mainly because I hate it… I shouldn’t, … Continue reading

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Just a Reflection of the Past Few Days.

Hey friends, Feels like forever since I have been on here last. Been a bit busy. Work, Training, Sleeping, Avoiding the -25 degrees F windchill. I left my SO’s ┬áMonday morning around 3am. I had training with my trainer at … Continue reading

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Tired and sore on my day off.

Today has been a loafy day so far. It is 1047am. I have been awake since 630am. I went to bed yesterday around 3pm. It was quite the sleep. Wow. I really needed it. Right now, I am at my … Continue reading

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Less of a lesson, more of a journal.

I started my morning at 330am at my significant other’s house. I think I originally went to bed around maybe 2 or 3 pm yesterday, but I can’t say for sure. I finally got the motivation to leave bed a … Continue reading

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Lesson of the Day: Admitting is the First Step.

Hi everyone. Let me tell you a little about myself. I am a recovering substance addict. I have been sober for three years. Currently I am in college to become a substance abuse counselor. Although I seem to have grips … Continue reading

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Awww lawdy. Here we go. I’m not entirely sure what I’m actually here for. All I know is that I just like to hear myself talk. My brain constantly fluctuates from a million thoughts zapping back and forth to a … Continue reading

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